Caldwell Lesson

The Caldwell Collection

West Tennessee Regional Art Center

The Caldwell Collection is a visual art collection donated to the city of Humboldt by Dr. Benjamin and Gertrude Caldwell. This lovely collection of fine art is very diverse featuring styles ranging from American Colonial, American Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism to Folk Art and African Sculpture. In addition, the collection represents a wide variety of media. The subjects portrayed include portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and abstracts. A visit to this collection will offer students a wonderful opportunity to view original works representing a wide range of art styles and medias in a gallery setting.




1. Abstract Art
Art representing line, color and nonrepresentational form.
2. Abstract Expressionism
Experimental, nonrepresentational painting marked by technical freedom and spontaneous expression. Examples would include works created with involuntary shapes and dribbles of paint.
3. Acrylic
An opaque painting medium with acrylic resin as the vehicle.
4. Collage
Work of art created by pasting various materials on a surface.
5. Fine Art
Art created primarily for aesthetic purposes and valued for its beauty.
6. Folk Art
Art originating among untrained and usually uneducated individuals and marked by use of available materials and autobiographical subject matter.
7. Impressionism
A style of 19th-century painting characterized by short brush strokes of bright colors to represent the effect of light on objects.
8. Landscape
A picture representing an expanse of natural scenery that can be seen from a single viewpoint.
9. Mask
A covering for the face, worn especially for concealment or protection.
10. Medium (p1. media)
The material or technique with which an artist works.
11. Oil
An opaque painting medium made by grinding a pigment in oil.
12. Pointillism
A technique in painting of using dots of pure color that are optically mixed into the resulting hue by the viewer.
13. Portrait
Painting or photograph of a person.
14. Sculpture
The art of carving, modeling or welding works of art in three dimensions.
15. Still life
A picture of inanimate objects.
16. Tempera
An opaque water based painting medium. True tempera is created when an emulsion of water and egg or of egg and oil is used as a medium.
17. Watercolor
A transparent painting medium for which water is the vehicle.


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